The world’s first integrated hybrid energy technology

Solar Windmill

Integrated Hybrid Technology

Our integrated hybrid plants can generate power day and night.

Hybrid windmill

Tap the wind

Hybrid windmill consists of a specially designed vertical savonius wind turbine, it can tap the wind effectively. Cut-in wind speed - 2m/s & cut-out wind speed - 18.5 m/s.

Solar energy solutions

harvest the sun

Solar energy is the most available natural form of green energy. Our hybrid technology power plants help to harvest maximum energy from natural energy sources.

Who we are


Crecer Solar Wind stream Technology seeks to inspire, educate, and assist our clients in achieving their goals of cost stability, energy independence, and socio-economic stewardship by assisting in the development of renewable energy solutions. We continuously aim to maintain high standards of service to all our clients, and to always keep our promises.

Work Culture

Harvest the SUN

Solar energy is one of the most available natural renewable energy sources. Our most modern solar panel is attached with the Hybrid Power Stations ensures maximum electricity generation from the Sun.


Tap the WIND

Hybrid windmill consists of a specially designed vertical savonius wind turbine, it can tap the wind effectively. A wind with even 2m/s speed can be tapped.

Hybrid Technology

24 Hour

Day and night power from the sun and wind

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On or OFF Grid

Appropriate for on or off grid applications

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Easy Installation

Easy to mount on any kind of roof top

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Monitor On-line

On line tool for power generation monitoring

Our Specialty

Fully integrated hybrid solution incorporating patented Wind and Solar technology. This technology serves as the core for our revolutionary products the PowerMill™, TowerMill™ and MobileMill™. These products are ideally suited for On-Grid and Off-grid settings and can be hooked up to batteries or to an inverter.

Why Choose Us

Crecer energy technology provides the best in class green energy solutions, there are many reasons to choose us. Renewable energy is reliable, affordable, beneficial for our health, economy and the environment.


24 hr operation

Optimal power generation from the Sun and Wind sources.


Easy Installation

Easy installation and maintenance, on any kind of roof top.


Patented Technology

The world's first integrated energy technology in association with Windstream-inc,USA & India.


100% Green Energy

Reducing carbon footprints & greenhouse gases to save our planet.


High Quality

High quality materials for maximum durability and low maintenance.


Customer Support

Crecer's dedicated and skilled technical support team.